Usborne Books & More

Looking for the “Usborne Books & More” pile of my hoard? Look no further! Here’s all of the UBAM books that I have reviewed so far. Check them out. You can find the link to purchase them on their individual pages or, if you want to surf the UBAM site, visit this page to purchase from me or someone you know. Want to check out one of my other piles? Let your cursor hover over “The Hoard (a.k.a. The Book List)” link above and choose from the drop down menu that appears. Have fun!


Brian, Janeen   I’m a Dirty Dinosaur


Daynes, Katie   Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Your Body


Odgers, Darrel & Sally   The Mare’s Tale (Pet Vet Book 2)


Punter, Russell   Llamas in Pajamas (Phonics Reader series)


Rippin, Sally   Billie B. Brown, The Best Project (Billie B. Brown Series)


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