Craft Study

This is the place to land if you’re looking to learn a little about the craft lessons I learn when reading a book. Whether it’s how to write more complex characters, what details not to include, or what my pet peeves are, this pile has all of the book reviews that focused on what I learned, as a writer, from the book I was reading. Think you want to check out one of my other piles? Let your cursor hover over “The Hoard (a.k.a. The Books)” link at the top of the page and choose from the drop down menu that appears. Have fun!


Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan   A Study In Scarlet (Craft Study)


Egan, Jennifer   A Visit From the Goon Squad (Craft Study)


King, Stephen   The Shining (Book 1) (Craft Study)


McCaffrey, Anne   Dragonflight (Craft Study)


Sebold, Alice   The Lovely Bones (Craft Study)


Wells, H.G.   The War of the Worlds (Craft Study)


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