The Book Wyrm

My name is Dallas, and I’m the resident Book Wyrm here–thank you for visiting my blog!

I’ve been a book lover as long as I can remember–trips to the library were a childhood favorite, I wrote my first book in second grade, I spent several of my summer vacations reading one novel a day, and I received my MFA in Creative Writing with a popular fiction specialty from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast program in January of 2015. I have even spent time as a literacy associate working with K-4 elementary students helping them to learn stronger reading skills and, more importantly (to me), teaching them how to find the joy in reading. Now that my schooling is finished (for now) and my two children are both old enough to be in elementary school themselves, I have decided to take my continued education into my own hands: reading copious amounts of books and then writing reviews for them will keep my brain growing and learning, the study of my chosen art form fresh and evolving with each newly read book. Most importantly, it will be fun!

Please take a few minutes to check out all the wonderful treasures I’ve collected and hopefully you’ll have some fun too!


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