The Posts

Book synopsis, when included, is written by me. Book art is provided by the author when possible and otherwise taken from Goodreads. Other photos will have captions when not taken by me. Book sources (whether purchased, won, or given) will be stated in each post.

Review Policy:
I am willing to review most any genre, from contemporary fiction and short stories to erotic or speculative fiction, as well as any age from picture books to adult. I accept ARCs and finished copies from authors and publishers. If sending an e-copy, I prefer it formatted for the Kindle.

Please send an e-mail to busybusybookwyrm(at)gmail(dot)com if you are interested in providing a review copy for review. Please include the title, author, publisher, page count, genre and synopsis of the book in the email. Sending me a copy of a book does not guarantee a positive review.

I will always write honest reviews and will include the source of where I obtained the review copy. If I dislike a book, I will write why I didn’t enjoy it. I try to not to post many negative reviews or reviews with low ratings but my readers deserve to know why I don’t like a particular book that I am reviewing.

My opinions are my own and I am not compensated for my reviews.


  • 3 Star: I liked the book, but there are probably a significant number of rough edges.
  • 4 Star: These are books that I like and are well-written. There may still be some rough patches or sharp edges, but for the most part it is clear that there has been a great deal of craft and effort put into the book and, beyond that, I just plain enjoyed it.
  • 5 Star: These are the books that I love. Almost always they will be well-written, polished to a mirror shine. Once in a great while there will be a book that has a rough spot here or there, but has one aspect that still touches me, connecting on a deeper level and allowing me to just disappear into the book and its world for a few short hours. Those are the books that I will give a 5 star rating to. The books that, for me, live and breathe and evolve every time I go back to reread them. The books that earn a spot inn my physical bookcases, my “real” library.

    *Sometimes a rating will just come down to a gut reaction. Book reviews are, after all, subjective evaluations of the literary art. And as is the case with all art forms, each reader brings his or her own experiences to the act of reading.

Types of Posts:

  • ALL reviews will have the following: title, author (and Illustrator when appropriate), genre and age of target audience, a listing of ratings on multiple review sites (such as Amazon and Goodreads), and my rating of the book.
  • Reviews: These posts are your typical book reviews, with a summary, a look at strengths, weaknesses, and the craft of writing. They also include a list titled “You Will Like This If…”. These posts can be identified by the fact that their post heading is simply “[Title] by [Author]” (such as my post Blood Rose by Danielle Rose).
  • Letter to the Authors: These reviews are exactly what it sounds like: letters from me to the author, a sort of one-sided conversation where I discuss my experience reading their book. Rather than addressing strictly craft elements, I will share how I felt while reading the book, memories that were stirred, lightbulbs that went off, and whatever moments of profound, life-changing wisdom there may have been. This is a much less formal style review. These posts can be identified by the fact that their post heading is “Letter to the Author: [Title] by [Author]” (such as my post Letter to the Author: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott).
  • Life’s Lessons: This special review is saved for a book that touches me on a profoundly deep level. It could be a book that had a particularly relevant theme to my life at the time I read it, a book that I feel impacted who I am–either as a writer or as a person–in some manner, or a book that simply has a message that I believe a large section of readers could benefit from. These posts can be identified by either the heading “Life’s Lessons: [Title] by [Author]” or because they have a post heading that is drawn from the book itself (such as my post Its Name Was Joy: Callie Cat, Ice Skater by Eileen Spinelli).
  • Craft Study: These reviews will be similar to the standard review, but instead of looking at an overview of the elements of craft used in the book as a whole, I will get out my literary microscope and zoom in for a closer look at one specific aspect of craft, such as Point of View or characterization. These reviews can be identified by the heading “Craft Study: [Title] by Author]” (such as my post Craft Study: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold).
  • Author interviews: These posts will include a summary of the author’s featured or most recently published book, a set of five questions I asked the author (with author responses, of course!), and links to my review of their book(s), their webpage if they have one, and their author pages on Amazon, Goodreads, and any other locations they request. These posts can be identified by the heading: “Author Interview: [Author]”.
  • Guest Posts: These posts will be fairly open, depending on what the post author is hoping to share with us. They might be a review, a commentary on craft or the writing process, or a look at some other aspect of the book industry. The only thing they will have in common is that they are NOT written by the Busy Busy Bookwyrm. These reviews can be identified by the heading “Guest Post: [Post Title] by [Post Author]” and will include a short bio on the guest author.
  • Short Stories: I will occasionally review stand alone short stories, collections of short stories, or individual stories from within a collection.

*Other features that will appear as appropriate: overall impressions, special parenting concerns (looking at the amount and/or type of sex/intimacy, violence, and adult language), and book club chatter (questions that could be used in a book club, classroom, or parent-to-child discussion of the book).


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