Blood Promise by Danielle Rose

Title: Blood Promise
Author: Danielle Rose
Age Level: New Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Part of a Series?: Yes (the Blood Books series, Book Three)

*I was provided an electronic copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

In this final installment of the Blood Books series, Avah Taylor is faced with having to fight for the life she never wanted in the first place. As she works to defend her new reality, she will travel around the world and, eventually come full circle to once again face the question of what makes a family a family and whether destiny is indeed an immovable force.

Overall Impressions:
As has become the pattern for Ms. Rose, this was a fast-paced, quick read that I didn’t want to put down once I started. More than that, it is one of the most satisfying end caps to a trilogy I have ever read: closure and potential for more were both present and well-balanced. Something I have rarely seen in a series.

The Nitty Gritty:
This will probably be one of my shortest, least specific reviews. As the conclusion of a series, there isn’t much I could quote for you as a potential reader that wouldn’t give some aspect of the plot of this book away. And while there were many, many sentences and scenes I would love to quote, discuss, and entice you with, I am not willing to take away the joy of surprise and discovery that comes with reading this book “blindly”.

That said, I will point out several positive aspects of the book: character development and growth (both as individual characters and in regards to relationships between characters) continued depending and growing. Plot moved forward with questions answered and new mysteries revealed. The reality of the world Ms. Rose has created expanded to encompass locations such as Russia and England, showing that she has truly created an entire world for this series, not just a small section of the world. The very few new characters introduced were multi-dimensional, catchy, and added to the novel on more than one level. And there was some truly beautiful, heart-touching, soul-touching lines and imagery in this book.

Special Parenting Concerns:
Sex Scenes: This book has more sex and intimacy in it than either of the previous two books, but considering the fact that the characters are facing life and death situations this entire book, it makes sense that they would be holding onto every moment they can have together.

Violence: This book’s plot centers around the culmination of a war between witches and vampires. Fighting, blood, and death occur more than once in this book. The difference in this book, however, is that they tend to be more isolated to single moments in time for the characters (rather than long stretches of fights), while being more long-lasting in impact (more life-changing, in other words).

Language: No (or very, very little) swearing.

Book Club Chatter:
For this book, I would probably focus on how it works as an end to the trilogy, looking at things like over-all character arcs, what the characters may have learned about family, racism, destiny, etc. The end of the book also raises the questions of duty and expectations  against the desire to live and enjoy life. Should a person do what is expected of them, even at the expense of time with family and friends, should you focus on family and friends, or is there a way to balance the two (and what does that look like)?

You Will Like This If…:

  • You liked Blood Rose and Blood Magic (at this point, if you have read the first two, reading Blood Promise is quite close to a necessity of life! 😉 )
  • You like Twilight, Chosen, or Blue Bloods
  • Authors such as Marjorie Liu and Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Books that blend more than one genre: this is a paranormal action romance, blending vampires AND witches, action AND romance.
  • As a New Adult novel, this book could appeal to those who love Young Adult, New Adult, and traditional Paranormal Romances

Goodreads’s Rating: 4.94 Stars (18 Ratings)
Amazon’s Rating: 4.9 Stars (11 Reviews)
My Rating: 5 Stars

Exciting, fast-moving, and emotional. I could have used a bit more tension and breath-holding in the climax (the pace kept it from being as uncertain as I would have liked, personally), but the racing heart was certainly well-done and still satisfying. There was a beautiful ending to the story. Very satisfying. I’d be happy to see more, but I feel enough closure I am not mad there won’t be. Until/unless Ms. Rose changes her mind, at which point I will happily snatch up any other books in this series or even “just” this universe.

*this book review is also posted on Goodreads and Amazon

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