Forbidden by Savannah Rylan


Title: Forbidden
Author: Savannah Rylan
Genre: Erotic
Age: Adult
Part of a Series?: Yes (Forbidden Idols #1)

*I received an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Forbidden tells the story of Trista Monroe and Blaze Taylor. Trista is the only female member of the Fallen Idols Motorcycle Club and the daughter of founding member and current president. Blaze is the son of one of the other founding members. When Blaze’s father was killed, his family moved away. Trista views him as a traitor; Blaze has returned to reconnect with who his father was and becomes a prospect of the club. Sexual sparks and emotional sparks fly as Trista and Blaze get to know each other, all while trying to keep their growing relationship a secret from the other members and, especially, Trista’s father.

Elsewhere in their lives, the Forbidden Idols Motorcycle club discovers that their business and their territory are under siege–but by who? Theories abound, choices are made, and, by the end of the book, a war is brewing. What will happen to the motorcycle club? What will happen with Trista and Blaze? Will their love survive? Will they?

Overall Impressions:
This was fast-paced erotic romance. After having read two of Ms. Rylan’s books so far, I can see that she definitely has a voice and style as an author, and it is easy and enjoyable to read. There are a few things I wish were more developed or a little different, but is a worthy read for anyone who enjoys this genre.

The Nitty Gritty:
Right from page one, you know that this book is erotic romance. Trista is a strong, self-assured woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to go about making it hers. Men–especially one night stands–are no exception. That said, however, it is important to note that this is not a book that is one sex scene after another.  Although there are lust is prevalent in every scene that includes both Trista and Blaze–and plenty even when it is just one of them–there is only one other sex scene in the whole book.

This leaves plenty of space for character and plot development, and Ms. Rylan takes advantage of this. Trista, Blaze, and several of the side characters are obviously fully thought out, individual, and unique from the other characters. The one weakness I noticed here was that they were not as multi-dimensional as I would like them to be; what you saw at first “meeting” them was pretty much all there was to them. Now, it isn’t exactly necessary when you are focused so much on one aspect of life (physical attraction), but the richer the character, the richer the connection I feel to them. I am also getting the feeling that Trista and Blaze will become more than just lovers to each other, and for me to believe in them developing love and companionship–a relationship that goes beyond sex, in other words–I need to know that they are more than just sex and motorcycles.

As for the plot, I was very pleased with the mystery introduced–where did their shipment of goods go?–and the pacing of it over all. It did, however, feel a little on the cliched side for me: a motorcycle club that ends up in a life-or-death war with another motorcycle club seems like the only story I have ever seen, in book or film. I don’t know if this is simply what is expected when a reader purchases this type of book (a motorcycle club book). I will, however, reserve final judgement on this matter until I have read at least one more of these books. It is possible that what looks like cliche will actually be twisted in some manner once I am deeper into the series. This book is, after all, over almost as soon as the plot really starts to get going.

You Will Like This If…:

  • You like erotic fiction–but don’t need it to be one sex scene after another
  • You like contemporary romances
  • You like motorcycle club fiction
  • You like action and don’t mind some violence (including death). It isn’t graphic in this book, but it is present.

Goodreads Rating: 3.65 Stars (144 Ratings)
Amazon Rating: 3.9 (61 Ratings)
My Rating: 4 Stars
I considered giving this book a three star rating due to the cliched feel of the plot, but I decided that when it came down to it, I still enjoyed the book, read it in pretty much one sitting, and found several positive things to talk about. All of which made me feel comfortable with a four star rating in the end.

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