Mabel and the Sock Pirates by Elwyn Tate

Title: Mabel and the Sock Pirates
Author: Elwyn Tate
Illustrator: Elwyn Tate

Last year when my son turned seven, one of the gifts he got from Babcia (my mother) was a Kindle Fire. As part of this gift, I decided to get Kindle Unlimited and Kindle FreeTime (more on these in posts on my blog Modern Momology), primarily as a way to get more books into the house without, well, actually bringing more books into the house. Between books we already own and books we check out from the library, we are practically drowning in books. Which is a quite wonderful way to drown, admittedly. And while I am quite proud of that fact, it is time to concede that we are running out of room. So…enter the digital option and today’s book:

Mabel and the Sock Pirates by Elwyn Tate

The cover of Mabel and the Sock Pirates as seen on my son's Kindle Fire.
The cover of Mabel and the Sock Pirates as seen on my son’s Kindle Fire.

This book is about a farmer named Bill, his white cat named Mabel, and their orchard of magical trees that grows socks. One night pirates spy the magical trees and decided they are going to “pilfer and plunder” them. It is up to Mabel to find a way to save the day.

Overall Impressions:
If you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, or you simply want to own the book rather than borrow it, it is $0.99 (as of August 21st, 2015). This book is very much worth the money.

The silly nature of this book, combined with the pirate theme and a female lead character, can easily appeal to either gender. My son has read it multiple times and, so far, has asked me to leave it on the Kindle so that he can read it again in the future. On my side of things, I plan to check out the several other books available by Elwyn Tate.

The Nitty Gritty:
This book has a really nice flow to it, with a rhythm that is easy to find and rhymes that are spot on without distracting from the story being told. The illustrations are super cute, with a whimsical style and gorgeous, rich colors. There are a few words in it that are longer and hard to sound out (like flourished and marvelous), and one word that has a British English spelling (chequered), but for the most part the vocabulary of the book is within the reach of a reader who is confident in his or her smooth and bumpy blending skills and has a good storehouse of sight words under their belt. Any of the longer words simply provide you the opportunity to broaden a child’s vocabulary–and what kid doesn’t like to learn a big, fancy word?

Goodread’s Rating: 4.48 Stars (27 Ratings)
Amazon’s Rating: 4.9 Stars (38 Reviews)
My Son’s Rating: 10,000 Stars (on a scale of 1 to 5)
I like it because Mabel scares the pirates. I think it’s cool that she’s brave. I like it because the pirates say “Let’s get out of here! Let’s hide!” And I like it when the farmer wonders what happened when he finds the pirate hat.
My Daughter’s Rating: 500 Stars (I like it lots and lots and lots)
I like it because Mabel scares all the pirates and then they say “Let’s run away” and then they say “No, let’s hide” and then Mabel scares them all away and then that’s it.
My Rating: 5 Stars
Cute, entertaining, and leaving my son wanting to practice his reading. Who could ask for more?


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