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One week ago, Danielle Rose released her debut novel, Blood Rose. My review of it was the first review I posted as the Busy Busy Bookwyrm (and you can read it here). In honor of a week of availability (both for her book and my review blog!), I asked her a few pressing, life-and-death (or maybe just interesting) questions. Here are her answers:

1) Where did the inspiration for Avah come from? Jasik?

It’s hard for me to answer this because I can’t pinpoint one place that was the root of my inspiration. I like to write novels with a strong female lead, but I also like there to be weakness and opportunities for growth. I also like to write relatable characters, and I needed Avah to stay strong, yet still fall apart when she lost herself after her transition. (Something I think anyone in her situation would have done.)

Jasik was the easiest character to write—though his tone was the hardest. It was easy for me to envision him, because he’s everything I’d want in a book boyfriend. He’s gorgeous and strong. He’s selfless and kind. He’s caring and devoted.

2) What was the hardest scene to write in Blood Rose? How did you finally push through it?

There were a few scenes that were difficult to write. It was hard for me to write the scenes in which Avah’s witch coven turns their back on her because of what she’s become. There are elements at play there that will soon come to light, and even though I knew this, it was still difficult for me. I’ve always had a very close relationship with my mom, and I’ve never been in a situation where I couldn’t run home. But that’s where Avah is in book one. She’s lost a huge part of herself, and she feels as though she has nowhere to turn. The one place she wants to go, she can’t, and the one place welcoming her, she doesn’t want to go.

It was also difficult to write the sex scenes. The sensual scenes were easy for me to write, but when it came time to write the sex scene, I had trouble. I constantly questioned myself: is this enough? Am I going too far? Should I add more detail? My series, Blood Books, does not consist of erotic novels, but they are new adult paranormal romance. There is a fine line between the two, and I needed to make sure I didn’t cross it.

In all honesty, I think pushing through was just trial and error. I worked through the issues with my editor, tossing what didn’t work and fleshing out what did. But that’s how writing goes in general, I suppose.

3) Your debut novel, Blood Rose, released on August 13th, 2015. What has been the most surprising thing that has happened since then?

In all honesty, the most surprising thing thus far has been the overwhelmingly positive feedback I’ve gotten. Everyone has loved it. Releasing a novel is terrifying, but I’ve had so much support, and I’ve gotten the most amazing comments from readers who can’t wait for the second book. I’ve received comments like “My monthly book allowance only allows for one book a month, and I’m using it to buy yours!” and “I bought the ebook, but I must have the paperback on my shelf, so I bought your book twice!” and “Please, please never end this series!” It’s been so amazing, and I’m incredibly grateful and humbled by everything that’s happened so far.

4) You have a very busy release schedule set for the next year or so. How are you planning on keeping yourself refreshed and energized? What do you do to keep your creative batteries charged?

I’m fairly prolific, so I try to keep myself on track with a big load. I am a full-time writer, so it’s easy for me to stay on track. I tend to write one book every two months. I could write more, but I also stay very active on my social media accounts because I love interacting with other writers and readers. Because of this, I limit how much I write every day. (That’s so I don’t get burnt out!)

To stay fresh and remain on track, I do several things:

  1. I stick to a realistic (and small) word count. I aim for only 1,000 words a day. It takes me less than one hour to write that many words.
  2. I try to work in my office, which is filled with lots of motivational items like my books, quotes on post-its, books on writing, and more!
  3. I stay in contact with a few writer friends, and we keep each other on task.
  4. I use to-do lists like they’re going out of style. I usually write one every day. I’m a HUGE fan of planning!
  5. I try to outline all of my books. That way, I know exactly what I’m working on when I hit the chair. When I have an outline, I can write my 1,000 words in less than 30 minutes. Because of this, I usually end up writing more than 1,000 words every day, too!

5) Finally, if you could be anything, what type and/or color of dragon would you be and why? More importantly, what would be the first book you placed in your literary horde?

I took a BuzzFeed quiz that says I’m a Hydrohius dragon, which according to this quiz, is a water dragon. This type of dragon has the ability to morph and change shapes. It says that people who are this type of dragon are a “gentle, but powerful, go-with-the-flow kind of person.” We “watch from a distance and spend much time” in our own thoughts. I couldn’t agree more! Water is my element based on astrology, too. I love the rain and the ocean. I’m at my most comfortable when around water. And my favorite color is teal! So I’d be a blue water dragon for sure!

I’d place Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series in my literary horde! Mead is my favorite author, and her book is a must on my shelf!

Purchase link for Blood Rose:

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Author Bio:
Danielle Rose is writer of fiction and travel, as well as the owner of Narrative Ink Editing LLC. Danielle currently resides in the Midwest, where she spends her days at a local coffee shop planning her next vacation or plotting her next novel.

Danielle holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast program. In addition to her Master of Fine Arts, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and certification in professional writing from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

When not writing, traveling, or writing about traveling, Danielle enjoys being outdoors, cheering for her favorite football team (Go Packers!), and spending time with her husband and their furbabies: two dogs and a cat. 

Places to find Danielle Rose:
Narrative Ink:


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